Style, Selection and Quality Prescription Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just about style – they’re essential in protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. We can make prescription lenses for just about any sunglass frame.

Monument Vision Clinic has an amazing selection of quality sunglasses, sports glasses and other protective eyewear.
Sunglasses are about style AND protection.  Whether you need Prescription Sunglasses or Non-Prescription Sunglasses, we carry a large selection to fit all you needs.

Quality sunglasses are essential in protecting your eyes from harmful damage. Sunglasses are not just for adults – studies show that 85% of the Ultra Violet damage in eyes occurs before we are 18 years old. Let us show you some of our great sunwear to provide style, sport and safety!

Some of the brands that we carry include:

  • Ray Ban
  • Oakley
  • Nike
  • Bolle
  • Smith
  • Guess
  • Serengeti