Monument Vision Clinic are Experts in Treating Dry Eyes

Management of dry eyes can be a challenging process. Lubricating drops and ointments may provide relief for dry eyes. Lacrimal occlusion is often used when lubricating drops alone are not adequate. Lacrimal occlusion is the partial blockage of your tear drainage ducts to preserve natural tears on the surface of the eyes. This procedure often provides long-term relief from dry eye symptoms. Also anti-inflammatory medications and prescription Restasis™ can be helpful in dry eye treatment. We will also discuss nutritional products to reduce dryness. When left untreated, severely dry eyes may lead to chronic infection of your eye and eyelids, corneal ulceration, scarring and permanent vision loss. The eye doctors of Monument Vision Clinic are experts in treating dry eyes having years of experience and will work with you to determine the best option for treating your dry eye symptoms.